Monday, 17 January 2011

Etherow Mill

As there's not much going on at the lake this time of year I though you might like to see what the waterwheel at etherow mill would have looked like in days of old when it was a working mill.

This was one of  the drawings of the Etherow mill wheel that Bob Abell was shown by the caretaker!

Old drawings

Llanberis waterwheel

Some comments by Bob the Abell

 The big wheel at Etherow was 50 feet diameter and 19 feet wide. built in 1839 and was called.....Big Lily
The wheel at Llanberis is 50 dia by about 6 feet wide and it`s surprising how little water it uses....about a bucketfull per blade!
The slate museum is well worth the time the North Wales show is on?

You can still see the marking on the wall at the side of the mill at Etherow, what a whopper hey and thanks for the info and pictures Bob

The George

Coming to the lake from Marple you will pass The George seen on the left many many years ago (still there though and serve nice meals ) and the Mill in the background !. I don't think Bob is any of the walkers in the parade he's only my age !


  1. Such olde worlde charm of yesteryore!

    Very interesting blog, Mr Duckie

  2. On the old photo of the Lily Wheel......Note the size of the windows in the background!

  3. Duckie
    Where are the markings on the mill wall, showing the wheel size?
    I'll take a picture of it for the blog


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