Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lake frozen again

Just got back from Etherow and was surprised to see the lakes both frozen over again, don't know why I should have been surprised really as it was down to -5 Friday night and -3 last night.
Still it was a ride out and we got rid of a few cards and collected another renewal fee.
The only people there trying to sail were Dave and Jeff and one of the newer guys Peter trying out his Huntsman which is pictured here.

Nice isn't it and just enough ice broken up to have a little sail.


  1. A very nice model....and it's made my mind up for my next jobby!

  2. Cold in Oldham yesterday, I ended up with a stream of frozen water down the drive after washing the cars.

  3. Glad to hear that Bob,could start you off with a blog to record your progress on it, and slow down your build so you don't finish it too quick!


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