Thursday, 29 December 2011

And there's more.

I was so keen to get my video of the  Frostbite Day event on the blog yesterday I'd missed some stills that I'd taken on the day so here they are. If I missed you on the video I just might have caught you here.

Thinning out now


Pepe found a friend, put him down Mrs Sutcliffe you don't know where he's been and he doesn't float!

Bob's shot
And just to show you the difference between a good camera and my cheapy one, here is a picture that Bob Abell took on the day as well,  mind you, as always "You get what you pay for"  don't you 

That's all folks, just a reminder of another great day at the lake.

By the way thanks for the Reindeer Burgers, Glyn. 

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