Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Etherow model boat club,Frostbite Day sail

To-day was the Club's last event of the year and what a day to finish on, as you can see from the following video the weather was very kind to us and the turn out was great.
The soup,mince pies and drinks on hand in the clubhouse were to the usual standard, with Mike doing his usual efficient job in the kitchen, I hope it was appreciated by everyone in attendance.
If you didn't turn up, though one reason or another you can see what you missed in the video.
Good job every member didn't turn up really, there wouldn't have been enough room on the work benches  or the landing stage come to think of it.

Another good event, what a way to end the year!.
If this next year is as good it will be great, there is already a year planner on the notice board in the clubhouse with events on it already, so keep your eye on that.
See you all in the New Year.

1 comment:

  1. An excellent Frostbite Sail and an excellent video!
    The Committee deserve a good round of applause for their efforts!
    Mike did his usual excellent service, sweating over a hot stove!....The soup was very welcome.
    Well done everybody......a very convivial event!


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