Monday, 25 June 2012

Day 2 at Etherow, Lifeboat weekend.2012

Day two started off with the current dull showery weather we are having at the moment, but it didn't put off the members who turned up early to set up the display stands, many thanks to them from the committee, especially Chris who needed plenty of help with all the arrangements he had made to make the day the success it turned out to be in the end with the weather brightening up and later even the sun coming out, great to be Abell to put every thing away dry isn't it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some of my efforts, if you boat isn't here, sorry but I can only be in one place at a time!.

Our Ken's display.
 Jet Ski
 Launch Ramp
Les Jones stand setting up, from Holyhead!

Not many of these around MK1, with original livery!

As Coca Cola say's "It's the real thing"

Southport Boat

A couple of oldies
 A tracked vehicle
Terry's Punt Boat, maiden voyage, see video.

The real thing!.

A video of some of our club boats

The chap was there again with his Frogmen boat, posted yesterday and attracted many admiring modellers!
Thanks to Phil for the use and his commentary on the big lake, for the lifeboats that had arrived, I know there had been breakdowns and bad weather, so many thanks to all who turned up on the day.
Mustn't forget to thank Roy and his wife Ada for manning the refreshments bar all day in the clubhouse, they did a great job.
If I've forgot to thank anyone, your efforts were still appreciated.

And last but not least Chas and Dave, sorry that should be Bob and Dave.
Bob of Great Eastern TV fame and Dave Woolley the photographer from Model Boats Magazine, hopefully will give us a nice complimentary write up in the magazine!.

Video of Lifeboats on the day.

And there you have it, If you wasn't abell to come for what ever reason, at least now you can see what you missed on both days!, and if you came thank you once again.
One man and his dog, sent to me from Ray at Colwyn Bay!.
Don't get many of me and him.
Another excellent event in our diary over!
Until next year all the best from the Etherow Model Boat Club.


  1. Another excellent blog Mr Teal
    It would be very nice and rewarding if a few club members posted a few comments once in a while.
    Duckie is doing an excellent job for the club and deserves a few thanks

    Well done, Duckie
    Keep up the good work

  2. great videos, looks like a better day than Saturday

  3. Thanks for doing this blog Duckie, those of us who couldnt get there can at least share some of it with you even if only from an armchair.


    Andy Q

  4. From an armchair was the best place on the Saturday at times!


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