Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Day at Etherow.

After a cold cloudy day on Sunday for the Fiesta Racing, it was a nice surprise to arrive at the lake nice and early to find things going well with the set up for the day's entertainments and the weather a lot brighter.
Chris the Exhibition Sec was well into the arranging of the event, unfortunately he slipped and injured his ankle, but he soldiered on and though his ankle swelled up like a balloon wouldn't stop for a rest until everything was just right. 
It continued to get better as the day progressed and the crowds started to arrive, the Model military vehicle stand  and Bob The Abell with his Great Eastern Ship were the first two stands you saw as you came into the area, both were of great interest to the crowd with plenty of questions and answers.
The buttie wagon was a good attraction with great food and great value for money as you could tell by the crowds queueing up for food and drinks.
Setting up! with mine host's.

Your's truly had beans on toast in Bob's camper van for dinner!
No after's Bob

All donations and sponsorship monies were for the Manchester Children's Hospital and the Help for Hero's funds.
The video attached is mostly taken on the model boat lake as that's where most of our members interests lie as you will appreciate, though there is a couple of minutes on the big lake and a general view of the crowds.

What a great day it turned out to be, weather good, crowds hopefully digging down in their pockets for the good causes it was in aid off and  plenty of members with their boats on the water and don't forget we have another big day coming up soon,
 23th and 24th June The International Lifeboat Rally.

This has been another great event in this years diary, what a good year we are having and its only June!, hope to see more of you here on the 23th and 24th June, lets show the public there are plenty of model boats as well as lifeboats in the club.
It will be lifeboats on the big lake and members on our own lake sailing their models.

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  1. An excellent video, Well done, Duckie
    Great Eastern finally on film

    Thank you



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