Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ashton Shopping

On Tuesday I went to Ashton shopping, Ashton-u-lyne that is!.
Whilst there I called in at what used to be Roundabout Toys, there was some confusion as to if and when they would be opening again.
They never did much in the way of boats, but always had a selection of materials we all use at one time or another.
I've cleared up the problem, they have opened up again and one of the staff that worked there before as taken over the smaller premises but is only doing computer games and whose war games figures you see in that kind of shop, still it's each to their own and it would be a sad world if we were all the same wouldn't it.
Next door that was the other half of roundabout toys is now going to open as a Fancy dress shop, so some thing for others perhaps?

I've not put this shop in the shops section as I don't think it will be of much use to our members.

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