Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tuesday Crew, and lettering

Dave Lee informed me yesterday that he and the Tuesday crew  had replaced the loose flag stone on the landing stage.

 Thank's for that you guy's!.
I would imagine that it needed to be done for the start of the Fiesta racing season, no sitting down on the nice benches for these sailors! It's moving up and down the landing stage and an accident waiting to happen, someone going down the hole.
 Its said "it's not the winning, it's the taking part" Don't you believe it!.
Thank's to the Tuesday crew for their efforts to keep our venue nice and tidy.

A new entry on the "for sale" section to-day!.

When the Aziz in the top picture was having the sign-age done I discovered that in the BECC Vinyl lettering packet there are only 3 "Z's" so after paying £300 + electric's  I had a  Eureka moment or perhaps it was a Senior Moment and realised that there were 10 "N's" so turned them on their side! Eureka! or senior moment you decide!.

Another Idea by Phil Parker who I follow on MY blog, this is to help you do the sign-age on your boat
Article "Name that Boat"
Click here for Name that Boat

That's all for now Folks 

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