Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday at the lake.

Been to the lake to-day, but no sailors there, must have all been shopping.
So it was a nice walk round the lake with Pepe in the sunshine.
Took a few pictures as well 
Sluice wheel at top of big lake

Poor dead Cormorant caught up in tree with the horrible discarded fishing line.

Old machinery on big lake

Mister and Misses 

Mandarin Duck

Sluice gates 

Pump house 

 Sign in Keg woodlands.

Old coal barge

Sign near to the Post Office

A happier Cormorant!.

I know this isn't model boat's but it's just to bring to your attention the fact that there's a new tab at the top "Etherow History" which might be of interest to some of you and let's you see what and who was involved in the building of your sailing lake.

That's all folk's 

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