Monday, 18 February 2013

An early Sunday

Sunday 17th Feb saw a nice Sunday day at the lake, with the fiesta sailors getting in some practice for this  year's Competition which start's on the first Sunday in March if you fancy a go turn up on the day with your fiesta and see how you go, you never know you could get a nice trophy at the end of the season.
The Cormorant mentioned in the previous post was taken down yesterday by one of the warden's and his assistant, with the help of the yacht club's rescue boat "Hippo" , piloted by our own Richard, looked strange with an extension ladder on board!. I'd forgotten to mention it was all taking place on one of the islands in the big lake.
You can just see the bird above the warden's left shoulder!.
The other bird that was on the water in the last post was sat on a branch next to the dead one, so now it's gone can get on with looking of another mate perhaps.
Now the completion's are going to get under way next month there will hopefully be more boat related items to report with my Abell roving reporter Bob.
More information been added to the history tab to-day, thanks to Bob's research again.
That's all for now folks

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