Monday, 18 March 2013

First Steering Comp 2013

Yesterday at the lake saw the first steering competition of this year, it was well attended with competitors and viewers as you can see.
Have I managed to catch you?.

The set course for the day.


Can it make it through

Safely through.

The finish.

Geoff's the Sec's tea break.

Are you getting the sandwiches out Trevor? say's Pepe. 

Guard Dog or mascot?
These are not the most beautiful of model boats though Terry has made an effort with his warship,
there again they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder don't they. 
These boats have to be certain dimensions and have big rudders to make them more manoeuvrable, so I suppose that's the main thing for the builders of these craft!.
After dinner at my son's in Oldham it was off to the water again at Dovestones reservoir in the hills near Greenfield to walk our dogs and see the activities there.
Though a very nice place to walk the dogs and they do have a yacht sailing club the same as Etherow there isn't the same amount of activity there, seems a shame really doesn't it as there is a nice big club house as well, and the other downer is NO model boats!.

So you can see at Etherow we have a good venue, good program and a committee that put a lot of effort into achieving this.

That's all folk's,  

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