Friday, 1 March 2013

Jaunty J's at Etherow

Yesterday, (Thursday) I was at the lake and it was nice and sunny, but that was only the half of it, as there was still ice on the water!.
Those hardy yacht sailor's had to get the boat out and break up the ice before they could sail, it was only thin ice, but ice is cold ice what ever thickness it is!.

There was a good turn out as usual on Thursday's and the usual banter and laughter made you tend to forget the cold breeze, there again any breeze is welcome to these sailors!.
My hound Pepe enjoyed himself as it got to dinner time, the various sailors got out their sandwiches and it was time for him to put on his begging act, Will have to get a new disc for his collar "Don't feed me"!

A short video to give you a flavour of the events on the day. 

A slight collision on the lake and Colin's warship was knocked on it's side but recovered and found to be filled with water, the electrics were still working but intermittent, so that was a good excuse to pack up and Donald, Colin, myself and the hound retired to the Cafe for a drink and a bite to eat.
So although it was cold on the landing stage with the breeze, the balcony at the Cafe was nice and sunny and warm, another good day at the lake!.

That's all folks

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