Friday, 29 March 2013

Flag Pole at Anfield

The Anfield Flag Pole from SS Great Eastern Telegraph Cable ship

The topmast of the SS Great Eastern, one of the first iron ships, was rescued from the ship breaking yard at Rock Ferry, and was hauled up Everton Valley by a team of horses, to be erected alongside the new Kop. It still stands there, serving as a flag pole in the famous Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool Football Club.

Bet most of you didn't know that, there are lots more interesting facts about this great ship 
Article sent by Bob (Ace reporter) Abell.
It was reported to me at the lake yesterday that the Quiz and Hot pot supper was another success, so good that members stayed longer than the usual 9-o'clock, it being 10-o'clock before the last ones left!.

At the lake yesterday saw the usual sailors there enjoying the sunshine and though it had been quite cold during the night, both lakes were ice free.
There was Garth with his Tug, Eric with his "Aziz" and the Commodore with his Submarine, yachtsmen instead of their usual "J" class's had a variety of One metre boats on the water which was a nice change to see!.
Spoke to Mike the social Sec and his operation for a new hip joint was finally done on the 20th of this month and he is now back home, some of you will have seen him at the Quiz night!, now taking it easy so it knits to-gether alright, I'm sure all the members will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery!.

Is this him from now on?
Do you remember this guy??.

That's all folk's.

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