Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yesterday 4th Feb 2014.

Hi Folks 
Went to the lake yesterday and though it was sunny and dry the wind was still a bit cool, though it didn't seem to bother the Tuesday regular sailors.
Short post today mainly to let you know there will be another Auction this next Club meeting the 12th of February to sell off more of the late Ron Gill's tools and equipment, on the diary here but an extra to your small diary.
Happy bargain hunting you guys.
Hope you are keeping your eye on the diary on here as there are still changes happening as they are arranged by the Exhibition Sec.

I know the next video is not boat related but demonstrates the skill and dedication we need in our hobby and these people are not military but do it just for the pleasure of it the same as we do in our hobby, so watch it to the end  

Not much doing at this time of the year, so hope this entry with fill the gap, brought to my notice by Bob the Abell, thanks for that Bob!.

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