Friday, 31 January 2014

2014 Diary.

The 2014 diary is now available to view in the tabs at the top of the blog!.

As you will see there is some great news from Gordon the new Exhibition Sec!, we are going back to Lyme Park after a few years break, it seems there is a new events manager there now and he has agreed with Gordon for us to attend the Fathers Day event this year in June.
We have also been given a chance to go back again in September, this will be decided after the show in June, the new manager will obviously want to see the results of our behaviour at the first event!.
I'm sure everyone who has attended this great venue in the past will be as happy as I am to be going back there.
As you will see there are a few other new venues this year so it looks like it's going to be a good year again, but don't forget it's only as good as the attendance/effort the members put into it.

The days are getting longer now, but as I was saying to my friend Bob the Abell the worse weather is nearly always Febuary and March but looking at this years diary we have at least got plenty to look forward to this year.
The Commodores Challenge the year will be a Blind sailing event ??, see the tab at the top of the blog for details.
Well thats it for now, will enter the Commodores Challenge later today!. Entered now!


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