Monday, 25 August 2014

Haydock Show 2014, Exhibition Sec's report.

The Russians are Coming!!

     It certainly seemed like it over this bank holiday weekend when we attended the Model boat convention at Haydock Park racecourse on the Saturday and Sunday.
     The stalwarts went over to set up our ‘Etherow’ stand on Friday afternoon, a good turnout and the job was over and set up in time to have a look round some of the traders stands before the rush on Saturday morning.
     For those who don't know this model boat show, it is probably one of the best ones nearer to home, especially if you are after some bargain boats on the ‘for sale’ stand or for all those bits and pieces you need to make the next project look stunning. All the clubs in the North West were represented, and some from much further afield. Scotland taking First prize for the best themed stand.
     Free sailing on a temporary inflatable lake (pond really), or demonstrations at other times gave a real feel to actually using models for their real purpose, although how it is possible to have a temporary pond on a slope I will never know.

     Both Saturday and Sunday saw a massive attendance, and apart from our members manning the stand, there was a great turnout of EMBC who appeared and disappeared throughout the weekend.
     The Russian Federation were there again this year, taking 5 days to drive over from Russia to present the best that their country can offer. To say they were of a high standard is an understatement, absolutely top class work and modelling skills, and needless to say they walked off with most of the first prizes. As they are government sponsored, arguably they border on being professional modellers and some would criticise that we as amateurs were at a disadvantage, but having said that it does show what standard can be achieved with a bit more effort.
     In spite of the Russians we did manage to get a couple of gongs, one of which was a second for ‘Best in Show’ for one of the categories.
     So a big thank you to all those who gave up their time, particularly Mike H (yet again, what would we do without him) on Friday Saturday and Sunday, speaking personally I know how tired I was by the end, but I think we all felt that it had been a great show and well worth the effort. Finally, not forgetting all our members who came over throughout the weekend, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Gordon Longworth – Exhibition Sec.

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