Monday, 25 August 2014

Haydock Show weekend, Home and Away.

23rd August 2014.
 Not able to attend the Haydock Show, I went down to the lake today and met one of our newer members John Jones (and his Grandson) sailing his new Fire boat, completely scratchbuilt and all the white metal fitting remodelled in brass, 850 motor and 20 Amp ESC, working lights and folding mast!.

Later on in the afternoon met up with my old mate Lawrence, we were at one time Commodore and Vice Commodore and have always got on very well since our time doing that.
We both happened to have our Fiesta's there and had a good sail together until the cool wind got to our old bones and we retired to the Cafe for a hot drink!.
A nice pleasant afternoon and had a chat with a couple of potential Members!.

At Haydock Show  
The Haydock show was well attended and by the looks on the photos sent by our roving reporter Bob Abell everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

 A general view.

Howard and Trevor, just out of focus I think thats Geoff

Bob Dunkerley

John, Alan and Lawrence.

Also there with their own stand was Paul Thomason and Bob Abell, advertising Pauls plans and Bob's builds of same all in the name of charity!.

Fund raising posters, all on the Model Boats magazine Forum, just in case you haven't seen it before.

 Both seem to be enjoying the occasion, meeting with friends from the club and friends from off the MB Forum corresponded with but perhaps this was the first time in person

Left to right is "The Long build", "Kimmo and Wife" and lastly "The Invisible Man",
nice to put a face to a name isn't it!. All meeting Bob and Paul for the first time and viewing their efforts in the wood so to speak.

Well thats all for now, unless someone sends me more pictures of the event,in which case I will do an update, watch this space!.
Next Event
2000hrs 27th  August  Wednesday  Club night               Clubhouse
                                                         Venetian Sail/BBQ     

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