Sunday, 31 August 2014

Last Sunday in August 2014

Last Sunday in August 2014, and what a beautiful sunny day it was.
There was quite a few sailors on the landing stage, in the early morning there was the "J" class sailors and after they came off the water there was still plenty to see.
 One of the members Andrew Spencer, had these two nice models, as well as a Calypso on the water 

This is one of Terry Burnett's superb models with a huge brushless motor driving a water jet with swivelling nozzle at the back to steer it, though it was too fast to have it more than a eighth open on our small lake, he said he had had the pleasure of making it with all the new technology.

 Le Commodore Alan had bought this boat at the Haydock Show for his Misses Jenny, but a few minutes on the water was enough for Alan to realise that the rudder required some attention, I'm sure it will only take a couple of minutes once back at the workshop to recife that. Just have to watch he doesn't spray it Grey Jenny whilst its in there 
I'm sure you all recognize this as the boat from the film "The Perfect Storm" just hope it doesn't suffer the same fate!.

  So it was back to the old grey stuff for Alan with this HMS Nurton, do you know what type of boat this is, all you Ex-navy men will know, I forgot to ask him!!  

Here is a close up on the bench.
A message from the Commodore.
Your commodore went to watch Club 500 last week, very entertaining might have a do myself, cheers for a very enjoyable evening, especially John Goddard?.

Boys toys, only dearer hey

Whoops, why is Charlie hiding ??.
Thanks for this Alan

Rough stuff this Club 500, perhaps needs a warning sign up when Charlie is on the water hey!.
About time something weaned Alan off the grey ones.  
It was nice to see Mrs Leslie Harling there today, she had brought some of Graham's equipment and tools down to sell and the money to go to the club funds, as you know Graham's stuff was always top of the range,  many thanks for that Lesley!.

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