Saturday, 20 September 2014

Next Quiz

Hi Folks, had an email from Philip Laxton about the next Quiz and Hot Pot supper.

Hi All, 
On the 22nd October we are having a Quiz & Hot Pot Supper. All starts at 8.00, so please come early for a seat.
Four people per team for the quiz.
I have made the quiz, forty  questions a little easier than the March quiz.
This quiz will consist of general knowledge quiz questions, with a few nautical questions
Second quiz, Will be a Kriss Kross quiz, for  those who do not know, it's just like a crossword quiz, except with a kriss kross quiz, I give you the answers, you just have to fit the answers into the right place.
The third quiz is slightly different, you have to find parts of the human body from clues I give you 
( no its not just women’s bodies)
Forth quiz,  Is a small quiz, I give you Names of boats all jumbled up, you just have to rearrange the letters to find the boats name. 
Regards Philip, hope to see you on the night!.
A couple of posts ago I mentioned that one of the members had a Tranny case with him that I was interested in when he told me that it was only £7.50ish. The last time I'd asked one of the members about his he had said his was £30ish which I believe was a JR one!.

I latest one I'd seen was from Hobbyking and I got mine this week after my son ordered it for me, (I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to ordering online) and here it is.

There is my Spektrum nice and secure in it's case and there is even space in the lid for a few other Bitz and Bobz, I will bring it to the next club meeting for anyone to check it out before splashing out £7.50, Just remember to order from the UK warehouse and not the International warehouse, or you will be paying more for the postage than the case!!.

Today I've been to the lake and on a previous visit I thought the garden area was looking a bit tatty with flower pots full of weeds and being pushed up from the ground by said weeds. As most of the members are only interested with sailing their boats  and hardly look at the  garden I've taken it upon myself to dig out the pots and fill in the holes with fresh pea gravel, and at the same time after complaints from the lads about the thorns on the rose bushes catching their clothes and sails dug them out too!.

As  you can see from the picture it looks a lot tidier and is now completely maintenance free!.
The things you do when you take a sail boat to the lake and there is no wind!.
Regards Peter.  

Next events
1100hrs  21th  September  Sunday        Steering Comp      Landing stage
2000hrs  24th  September Wednesday   Club Night  Club Clubhouse 

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