Monday, 15 September 2014

Commodores Challenge 2014.

Commodores Challenge,Sunday 14th Sept 2014
The Challenge was to steer a course with your back to the water and a teammate to guide you, here is a report from the commodore.

Hi Guys
A couple of pics from commodores challenge, a good laugh for those who turned up !.
Trevor on the tranny and Andy guiding him!.

Thats, Geoff the judge "You're running out of time you guys!"

Thanks to Alan for providing these pictures as I couldn't be there on the day, the winners were Tom Walton/Andy Glen, congratulations to them.
The Commodore stated that it was a good laugh, but not a very good turnout considering the total number of members in the club. I would have thought that there would have been more myself owning to the fact that there was no cost involved with Alan providing the boat and tranny for the event.

The winner of the Photo competition was Alan Breese, I know the shout that will go up with this "Fix" "Fix" and even though there were only five pix's on show, two of them were mine two were Bob Abell's and one of Alan's, I must say that I thought Alan's was best and the vote on it by the members present on the night confirmed it!.

The next day at the lake I found Philip Heywood there with his new build, "Blue Skies" A hull bought off EBay and scratchbuilt the rest of the boat and a very nice job he's made of it!.

"I did it my way"

Nice chunky boat

And the innards!.
Sailed well as well.

Caught this picture of two swans near the landing stage doing one of their mating rituals and interrupted by this Egyptian Goose, you can just imagine them saying "What's it got to do with you then, push off!"
But the Egyptian was very persistent

I think it fancied one of them for himself!.
I know its not about boats , but not everything is, is it!.
Thats all for now, Bye 

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