Sunday, 30 June 2013

Another great club outing

Just got back from another great club outing at Marple Locks Festival, this festival is only every other year and for the last three outing that I've known about we have been blessed with beautiful weather and today was no exception. It was sunny with a bit of cloud now and then, but not too hot!.
We had an early arrival of the gazebos and tables and with the usual members who were used to the set up it was all done in record time.
The setting up complete with guard dog!

Those gaps on the tables were soon filled up and the two boats I had in my car didn't have space until some of the members started sailing on the canal.

We're over here Bob!.

George doing his place cards, being hindered by Bob, or is Bob working him from the back 

The set up ready for the crowds and there were certainly plenty of them.

We were right next to the Buttie stall which was handy, but drove Pepe mad with the lovely smells of beef burgers and sausages

Joe Public starting to drift in 

The gang's all here.

Down at the canal at Lock 16 and after that it was into this turning area for a bit of sailing, the Narra boat on the right there was a cheese shop with a large selection of cheeses and chutneys.
I bought some Cheddar cheese with a hint whiskey flavour, purely for the sake of reporting to you in a future post, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!.

Then through the tunnel behind the cheese Narra Boat came a boat carrying a piper who piped the Mayor on to the site

There was a choir to entertain us all.

Even the donkeys were there, these were not for rides but to promote their organisation which is just round the corner from where I live and was a volunteer there for a number of years before the model boat bug bit me. I even recognized Rusty in the front here who came to the centre at Debdale with his mother whilst I was there.

Joyce Abell, Pepe and I, Don't think you could eat a full one Pepe!. 

Well worth a visit to see these beautiful donkeys in their permanent home for life!.

Just to show you the main show with the crowds that attended

So if you were not fortunate enough to be able to attend this year perhaps this will give you a flavour of what it was like.
Lots of stalls with all sorts of local talent and skills.

Art in the park.

What a pity the weather wasn't this good for our regatta last week, still as I said I don't think we have had a bad one here yet.
We even had a couple of new members sign up, so hopefully they will enjoy their new hobby and join in with all the activities the club as to offer.
Then it was a mini convoy back to our base to off load the equipment into the clubhouse yet another smooth operation with everyone getting stuck in even the sailors that were sailing on our home lake. 
What a team, you are all stars!.
Well on to the next one, Haydock!.

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  1. A splendid day with lovely weather too!

    Something to look back on in future years

    Well done, Ducky........Another nice report and blog



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