Sunday, 16 June 2013

Warships at Etherow.

A nice change for you to-day folks, a few pictures submitted by someone else for a change!.
Andy Quick sent me these pictures of some of his warships.
As I'm not a navy man you will perhaps excuse me if I've got the descriptions the wrong way round, Andy did send me the types but in a later e-mail so I'm just guessing by the Depth charges on the destroyer, I've watched plenty of warship films with the depth charges rolling off the back and shooting off the sides.
Again forgive my ignorance!, my Dad a minesweeper crewman during WW2 will be spinning in his grave. 

This is the Flower Class Corvette

And then we have a Battle Class Destroyer

 I know this is a Vosper Fast Patrol boat
All excellent models with a high degree of detailing.
This is me again.
Also on the water at the moment, down the quieter end of the lake there are these nice little Mandarin babies.

Counted 10 babies and I know the sailors won't be too bothered about these extra dwellers at the lakes as these quacker's very rarely come down our end, I was told yesterday that another brood of 12 had been spotted!, so the Mandarins are doing well, not so the other types of ducks and geese they don't seem to have started with any babies yet, perhaps they are too fat with all the bread being thrown in by the visitors.
Still the parks are for everyone's pleasure and what a thrill for young children to feed the ducks, they will be sat in front of the TV, video games or getting up to mischief soon enough when they grow up, they certainly don't seem to be modelling these days, pity really, where is the club of to-morrow going to come from!.

Well that's all for now folks.

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