Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wet, Wet, Wet.

Wet, Wet, Wet, no not the boy band, that was what it was like at our regatta day!.
From the time myself and the other members who had arrived early to help with the setting up it was clear, (No, not the weather,) it was clear it wasn't going to be a bright sunny day, but dull and overcast.
It was decided that a couple of tables should be put up outside, but the rest were installed in the clubhouse and soon have a variety of boats on them.

The lady from "Compstall for The Christie" a new organisation that has not long been established  in the area, who I'd met the day before and invited to our Do had braved the weather and asked if it was still on!, my answer was "it is if you want to stay", but collecting money is hard enough and harder still if there is no one about!, we have all been to events and enjoyed ourselves, but been on our own with no spectators haven't we, so the lady went home and said she would return if the weather cleared up, which it didn't really.
The usual wet weather sailors had a good time and were geared up like those trawler-men off that program on the television,
Wet day

  I was in my Delboy mode and sold one of those "Freebie" boat's we had been given in the "for sale" section to one of the members for £20, the money to go into club funds, so not a wasted day there.
Del Boy

After a splendid dinner and dessert in Bob the Abell's camper-van,
 (sorry you couldn't all fit in George)

 the weather cleared up slightly and Bob decided to get his latest project Ps Glasgow out for it's maiden voyage, the sparse crowd of members had all but gone by then, perhaps that was Bob's plan in case it was a bad launching, but I was certain it would be alright on the day and it was, it just needed a bit more ballast, but that was the idea of the launch to check it out.
I even supplied the champagne for the launch, but didn't heard what Bob called it, I know what he would have called it if it had gone down with all hands!!.
I name this ship!

The Becker rudder

Off we go.

 Here is the video to prove it.


So all in all a very wet day but enjoyed as usual by the people who took part in it.
Hopefully our next venture out next weekend to the Marple Locks Festival will be a little bit drier!.
Marple Locks Festival
30th June 2013
That's all for now folks see you at the Club meeting to-morrow on the 26th June 2013.

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