Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Clean Up

After the excitement of the past two weekends it was back to the mundane business of the Big Clean Up on the landing stage, which was looking a bit on the tired side.
Old reed matting, had it's day.
So the committee decided to have the clean up party on Monday and then afterwards go and have their monthly meeting over a cuppa!.
I arrived early and with help from Bob Abell installed a wooden edging on the metal edge of the landing stage where the rescue boat was getting damaged.
Job went well and we were soon finished and retired to Bob's campervan for lunch.

There are never any sailors on Mondays, not in the years I've been a club member anyway, but wouldn't you know it when the work party arrived to start work after dinner so did Six sailors!.
Never known it before on Monday

Still the work party got stuck in and soon had the old reed matting off and the new stronger stuff in place

Old stuff off.

Sailors and workers.
On the right there some of the new fencing already in place
with further up two member stripping off the old stuff, it was like a well oiled machine!.

Then Alan got the bit between his teeth and went to town with the Jet Washer

Next day, Tuesday one of the usual sailing days, (though you can sail 365 days of the year at the club)
there was the usual number of sailors and the landing stage looked like new again.
Donald with his one metre.

The rescue boat out on it's new wooden edging.

 Only needs the seats stained and varnished again now when it's dry enough to do the job.

Nice job guy's and a big thank you to all who turned up to make the job easier.
Many hands make light work as they say.
And just when you thought the  Canada Geese hadn't done much mating this year, beware they are all lurking on the top pool waiting to descend on us!.

Now a blast from the past.
I was given a big batch of old model boating magazine with the last models to go on the "For Sale" list, which incidentally have all gone (Boats and Mag's) but this caught my attention.

Do you remember this, I'll bet there are quite a few still in the club who do, I only remember going to the events when they were down at the lake near the Cafe area.
Look at the date there, its 20 years ago, doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourselves
Happy days, before the H&S Bug hit the fan!

Well that's it for this time, another good few days at the club, and all this for a few pence a week!.
Fiesta racing this Sunday 7th July 2013

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