Monday, 9 September 2013

Commodores Challenge 2013

Report by the Commodore

Five competitors and a number of spectators enjoyed the sunshine and gentle breeze (and hence a drift down the lake) in this year's challenge - a straight running competition.  Luckily no boats sank but there were a few "banana" shots on the target which is inevitable when one is building an experimental boat.  The allowance for an optional speed controller or servo operated cut-off switch  this year prevented boats crashing into the sides of the lake and facilitated the retrieval of some boats.
Competitors had three runs on the target and their two best scores were added to give a final result.  Peter Bruce came a close second but congratulations to our winner, Terry Miles, who has held on to the Challenge Cup for a second year.

Nice sunny day, even though some of the contestants thought there was too much wind!.

Thats all folks 

1930hrs 11th  September  Wednesday Venetian Sail/BBQ   Lake/Clubhouse

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