Friday, 27 September 2013

Nice sunny Thursday 2013

Down at the lake this Thursday 26th Sept 2013, it was a beautiful sunny autumn day and it certainly brought out our sailors!.
Having a chat with Eric Presley, he showed me his latest find in an auto shop which he had tried and found very good. He had made a bigger rudder for his 10 hatch coaster (his latest project)  and wanted to bond it to the brass post and tried this product he had found by chance.
As you can see on the box it bonds most things and as it say's on the box "Rock hard in 10 seconds"

Eric found this produce very good for the job he was doing, so I thought it might be of interest to you as well, always good to have some feedback on things people have tried with success.   
You fill the gap with powder and then squeeze in a few drops of the liquid and Bob's your uncle, check out with Eric if you need anymore info on this product.

See below for job nicely done by Eric, well bonded and nice and easy to clean up afterwards.

Whilst at the lake and in between having a sail myself took this video of some of the models on the table and on the water, hope you like it.

I also found a transmitter on one of the benches after most of the sailors had gone home and as luck would have it had an idea who had sat near there, so was able to phone up a couple of guys on the off chance and found the owner quite quickly!, perhaps it would be an idea if everyone put their names on the back of their trannies and they might get them back a bit easier, just a thought!.
1000hrs  6th October        Sunday       Fiesta Racing         Landing stage
2000hrs  9th October      Wednesday  Auction Night       Clubhouse
(membership badges must be worn)

That's all for now folks, did you see your boat on here today?. 

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