Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bob Abell....News at Ten....Haydock Park Model Boat Show 2013

Bob Abell....News at Ten....Haydock Park Model Boat Show 2013

Went to the show, with the Missus, as she likes the horses!......but there was none to be seen, obviously!

We didn't actually go to see the models, this year, as we were on a mission to meet Paul Thomason. Paul is designing a range of easy build launches, which he intends to sell on the ModelBoats Magazine website in aid of charity

The writer has volunteered to build the prototype model and the show was ideal for a progress meeting. 

Couple of our members showing interest there Bob!.

The model was placed adjacent to our very nice club stand....Well done, chaps!

Alas we missed meeting each other by 5 minutes!.....Ships passing in the night, springs to mind!

Back to the show....

We enjoyed the show very much. The exhibition was spread over about a dozen halls! They were very, comfy, well lit and nicely arranged, with plenty of space, to stand and stare!

The food counters were very nice, one for bacon butties etc and another was the restaurant type, with cooked meals being served.....and very nice too

There were two portable inflateable pools demonstrating the various model types of models.
Hovercraft put on a spectacular display this year,

There were about twenty club stands and quite a few trade stands, Arthur Barlow made sure the visitors went through the trade stand halls first

Some of the models were of outstanding quality, especially the Russian show stands

We enjoyed meeting up with old friends, Les Jones, Dave Wooley, Arthur Barlow John Dowd and some familiar faces, names of which, lost in time!

Verdict......One of the best shows we've been to, and will definitely be going again, next year!

See you there........Bob Abell

Thanks again for the report Bob, don't know how you do it for the price!.

That's all for now folks, getting squared away after my week in Scotland.

1100hrs 8th September  Sunday Commodore’s Challenge   Landing Stage

1930hrs 11th  September  Wednesday Venetian Sail/BBQ   Lake/Clubhouse

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