Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Well the last event of what I thought was a very successful year for the club was held at the Frostbite Day Sail, and though it was a very cold and windy day the hardy members of the club were out on the landing stage having a sail, at least they didn't have to break any ice this year!.
The more sense-abell of us went in the clubhouse and stayed there having a good chat and enjoying the delicious hot soup and buns provided by Mike the social sec doing his usual great job.

Speaking of great jobs!, I'm sure you will join me in congratulating the committee for a good year past and wishing the incoming new members of this years team all the best in their efforts to provide us with another great year. You've heard of the Two Ronnies? well we have now got the Two Alan's, Alan Breeze the Commodore and Alan Higham his Vice Commodore, not forgetting Gordon Longworth the new Exhibition Sec, Good luck in your efforts and endeavours you guys!.

A few pictures of the indoors people at the Frostbite Sail 
Alan and Vee

Colin and Donald

John and new Commodore Alan

Ken and Lawrence

Marjorie, Duckie and Pepe

Wendy and Marjorie.

Once again Happy New Year and enjoy another years sailing, hopefully with a bit better weather!.

A couple of Boat Pics for you, you should have a boat picture on every post shouldn't you.
These are pictures taken and sent by David Swindells of his Jet boat earlier this year.

Nice action shots David.
Nearly forgot, message from Andy, Club Sec.

Could you post the following information on the Website.
I had reason to return to the landing stage today (Tuesday) after 6 PM to retrieve an item I had left behind after sailing this morning.   Luckily My lost item was still where I had left it.   I also found a Transmitter/Controller.   It was left on the landing stage floor, switched on, and totally abandoned.   If the owner of this Item can describe it by make and model, I shall be pleased to return it to them.

Andy Glen
Owner now found thank you!.

I posted about this a while back, saying it would be a good policy to put your name on your tranny so it could be identified quicker and returned to the owner so you are not off the water waiting to get it back!.

That's all folks.

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  1. Well done, Duckie
    Another successful year of club blogging
    Only wish the members would post a few comments
    It must be most discourageing
    Bob Abell


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