Saturday, 21 December 2013

Out and about 2013

Over the past week we (Marjorie and I) have not been out much as we have both been a bit off colour with coughs and colds, so I decided to take Pepe to Lyme Park in High Lane, Stockport.
One of our members a few weeks ago had been talking to the chap who was the events organiser there and had explained that we used to have a show there twice a year with our club, the chap was very interested and said the person who had been in charge who had stopped us going had now left and indicated he would like us to come back!, the member hadn't got the name or phone number of this chap!.
This was music to my ears as it was a beautiful venue and had a large audience to show off our models. 
So our new membership card for the National Trust clutched in my frozen little hand it was off to find this chap.
After asking around I finally ended up in the Estates Office in the big house and found out that the chap I wanted was in a meeting and there was no idea when it would end, I left my Club and Personal business cards and was told he would contact me, still as its very close to Christmas I suppose there is plenty for him to do on the estate at the moment, hopefully this will be the start of our club and the park getting together again as it's a beautiful venue and everyone loved it, us and public alike.
I got a contact Name and Telephone number so was quite happy about that.
Pepe looked quite at home sat on the big chair in the office there, looked like he owned the place!.
On the way out I took a few pictures, didn't think it would be all text did you!.
For the newer members this is the venue in the park, with the toilets and cafe showing there

The shop in the courtyard

The Cafe, as you can see it was quite cold and everyone wrapped up well.

The courtyard showing the barn where the ramblers shelter to have their butties out of the wind and rain.

The entrance to the big house 

No plastic gutter boxes in this big house

The tower on the hill.
A bit closer.
So there you have it guys and girls, we might be back in this beautiful venue in the coming year, watch this space!.

Friday,   1100hrs     27th December, Frostbite Day Sail.

A Merry Christmas to all our members and readers.

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