Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring Steering at the lake

I thought I'd got it wrong at first, steering on the second Sunday of the month?. but Geoff the organiser reminded me that its Easter Sunday on the Third Sunday so he had had it moved forward.
It was quite breezy and most of the sailors were struggling to keep to the course so it was off with the superstructures for most of them.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Topless" doesn't it 

As you can see from the way some of the members are wrapped up it was quite cool on the landing stage, but warmed up when you got walking round.

The new docking facility being put to good use

A new member there with his grandad was young Ben. 

With two of his builds, which are coming on well!.

Here is Ben having a go at the steering course with one of our experts Terry 

Terry's boat "Topless" 

The Canada Geese are back nesting on the garden and when I left the wardens were trying to discourage them by putting some rubble on the spot. 
Won't do the plants much good but there again the prickly conifers that Velda put in didn't put them off either 

The Coots are all nesting round the lakes as well, spring is really in the air!.
Not seen many of these tufted ducks around Etherow, perhaps they are finding the food in plentiful supply too.
Thats it for now folks.
 Next event.

1900hrs 16th April       Wednesday   Club 500 Racing      Landing stage

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