Monday, 7 July 2014

Fiesta Report, July 2014.

Fiesta report 6/7/2014

Hi to all

Fiesta report for 6/7/2014. We had good day, with not much wind for a change?! Weather was OK. Nine  turned up too sail. Only had eight races, with the wind being so light, but got windier, later on and much windier when we finished!!

The results are :-

Trevor Radford 1ST,  Terry Miles 2nd,  Andy Glen 3rd, David Lee 4th, Bob 5th,  Tom 6th,  Andy Spencer 7th,  Alan  8th. Harry 9th.

Thanks to all of you for coming to sail, it was a very good turn out keep Um coming.

See you all next month David Lee.

Sorry wasn't able to get to the lake for the Warship Do, hopefully someone will send in a few pictures of the event and how we did on the Help 4 Heroes, side of the day. 
On the continuation of the duck saga as reported in the last couple of posts, the landing stage has been completely free of duck poo since the new edging and string duck deterrent system was put in place, though on Saturday when I went to the lake I met Eric Smith and we saw that there were a few ducks sat sunning themselves and Eric pointed out to me that they were Limbo dancing under the entrance gate and also under the string near to the boat box where it is a bit shallower  !.

Still clean though

Limboing under the string.

So the system is working for keeping the geese out, but needs a bit more tweaking for the ducks, possibly a bit of an extension on the gates and a few more strings (Net) on the rescue boat end hey.

Well its nice to go on the landing stage and not have to get out the ladle and brushes every time, 

Here is a picture of that Bloke who keeps coming to the landing stage with a camera and a small yapping dog, sailed today on the nice clean landing and after the clouds cleared away had a nice quiet lonely sail!.

So you see, I do have boats and have to add my own here when there's no one else there!.

That's it of now, see you at the lake!.
Next event on diary,

Colwyn Bay Model Boat Club – Mayor’s Cup Regatta
Sunday 13th July 2014
Colwyn Bay MBC are again holding their regatta this year and we have been invited over for the day to sail on their lake behind the Colwyn bay Civic Offices.
There is plenty of free parking within yards of the lake and there is no admission charge.
The ‘Commodore’s Regatta Trophy’ is open to any visitor who displays a boat and fills in an application form. There are two classes, 1 – actually sailing on the lake, 2 – static display.
Arrivals from 08.00am, most people depart around 4.00/5.00pm.

For those who have not been before, go down A55 and turn off at junction 22, left on to ‘The Promenade’, to island. 4th exit ‘Abergele Road’, turn right at Civic Offices to end of road. Alternatively plug LL29 8AR in to your ‘Sat Nav’.

You will notice that this event is in the tabs a the top of the page so you don't keep having to scroll back here 

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