Monday, 21 July 2014

Club 500 results July 2014

Hi All, Here are the results for racing on the 17th July 2014.

p.s. Sorry John the line through your results is/ was by accident. P

After this hectic event on Wednesday evening,  Thursday afternoon I was down at the lake and when the "J" Class guys had gone home, it was a more relaxed scene with just plain sailing and not a competitive thought anywhere!.
Or was there?, Terry Miles was there with his latest builds, two little "Footies" 

 This one was Terry's 

 And this one was his wife's

See what I mean, who is going to give way here?!

A relaxing afternoon, unless you get in Charlies way that is.

Glynn hasn't been home for a change of shirt this is another afternoon with his micro speed boat 

And his little River Cruiser?, reminds me of that old lady on the telly (Hilda Baker ) who used to say "I must get a little finger on this watch, as Glynn keeps saying I must get a cabin for this!.

Another event being put on in the Park is this Demonstration, not by our club but you may pick up some useful tips on working with wood here.
Time for this is 10-0am to 4-00pm

Have you seen this dog, £1,000 reward, could buy a few new boats with that kind of money, plus make some owner very happy!.

If you can't read this very well the notice in up in the cafe.
Well that's it for today, off out whilst the sun's shining.

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