Monday, 14 July 2014

Visit to Colwyn Bay show

The members who visited the Colwyn Bay show again this year were not disappointed, after setting off from Manchester in pouring rain it got slowly better as we got into Wales and on arrival it was starting to get nice and sunny though there was a stiff breeze over the water which made it a bit choppy.
Talking of Bleeze's our Commodore was taken ill and wasn't able to manage it, so we didn't have a gazebo though as you can see we managed in true Etherow fashion.
 A good cross section of boats on show and on the water.

Higham Brothers
Sorry this is a bit out of focus, must have been a flashback from your dazzling smiles lads!. 

The venue.

Gordon sampling the goodies from the catering tent.

The Colwyn Bay ladies doing a good job as always.

Disabled, no problem in model boating, make em and then sail em!.

 The Hoylake crowd

The "For Sale" stand, Not Donald!, I hasten to add!.

A few of the other clubs in attendance

Small outfit with big dog

That sinking feeling, those that were there the previous year realised it's supposed to do that.

Our friends that we met at our Do at Lyme Park, Garth and Elizabeth Jones with their fabulous Nessie the Loch Ness monster were there from Yorkshire and Nessie was a great hit again.
Garth has just finished this superb boat, the build which has been published in the Model Boat magazine forum over the last three years and completely scratchbuilt and wonderfully weathered, look at that handy carrying handle.

The only sour point for me was the fact the Best scratchbuilt model went to the same guy that won last year, a Colwyn Bay member I beleive, that can't happen at our club as the winner this year is one of the Judges next year, which gives others a chance to win, this is only my opinion, (I try to keep an open mind) and not the opinion of our club, still it might put people off bothering next year don't you think!.

 The winner of the scratch build, I'm into Narra boats myself, but two years on the run!.

Well thats all for now, if you didn't manage to get there it will give you a taste of what you missed, loved it, good weather, good catering and good company, is there anything better.

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