Saturday, 16 April 2011

Repairs round the park

Yesterday went to the lake with fencing gear and plants to repair the garden that the geese had trampled down, whilst it was sad to see the vermin had got all the eggs , I don't think we will miss a few more geese do you.


This was the abandoned nest on the top area of garden when we got there.
So after I repaired the fence and strengthened it at the bottom, I took Pepe round the lakes and left Velda to to do the artistic bit in the garden.
On the way round took these pix's 

Coot family rebuilding their nest,can you see the red headed baby! something must have got the other two they had,(Pike ?)

Heron on watch.

When we got back Velda had worked wonders and transformed the top garden to its usual neat appearance

There you go , all Veldaised, hopefully the "Blue Star " conifers will grow and be too prickly for the geese to bother next mating season and the fence at the back will stop the Rat Run being a proper Rat Run.

One of the Mayor's of New York once said " If it looks derelict it will be treated as such" and I'm a firm believer in that.

Did you hear about the Irish fencing team that turned up at the Olympics with a load of concrete, posts,barbed wire and wooden panels!!

Another blogger I follow is Phil's workbench, publisher of many railway book articles and thought this blog of his was very good so included it for you

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