Sunday, 17 April 2011

Terry's boat

Recently completed Steam Launch 'Canfly'.

Another fine quality built boat by Terry Burnett and the details of the build.

Length 4.5ft Beam 1.4ft
Hull: Specially cast fibreglass with a gel coat of motor vehicle quality (no paint).
Structure: Pear individually planked
Stainless steel chequer plates.
Engine: Stuart Turner Double 10 with Stephenson link reverse gear (machined by Terry)
Hidden reversing gearbox operated by high power digital servo (Not possible to use the link reverse due to required servo size)
Boiler: Superheated with gas reheat & stainless steel chimney.
Watertank: 1pt capacity located f'wd fill from deck.
Pump: Commercial
Propeller: Prop Shop.
Thrust bearing prop shaft.
Radio: Spektrum 2.4ghz
Regards Terry

Thanks for sharing the details with us Terry

And to show that its not a one off here are two earlier examples of his fine workmanship

Steam turbine engine

And his "Fitz"

Thanks again Terry for sharing this information, a great inspiration to everyone.

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