Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tamar launch at Colwyn Bay

Hi Pete.  Have a look at this launch by our new secretary.
Regards Ray Benson.

My model Tamar had it's first public launch down it's slipway from it's boat house yesterday.
We also spent some time working out how to recover the boat back up the slipway into the boathouse, but somehow we never videoed that
Lot's more work to do before it is finished with motorised doors, tilt-table ram and the recovery winch to design yet
Alan Woodward ,Sec Colwyn bay Model Boat Club.

Ray used to be a member of EMBC before moving to Wales, perhaps a few of the older members will remember him, he was the secretary at Colwyn Bay for quite a number of years. The new secretary is the person with the lifeboat!  Gives you an idea of the area round their lake from the on-board camera if you haven't been before.  This is a good day out that Velda and I and quite a number of our members have had there the past couple of years, check the "Events and Shows" section for this years date, will remind you with a poster nearer the time

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