Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sanding, sailing and selling

What a good day yesterday, and sunshine too.
Got to the lake early and as Velda had sanded down the seating a couple of days earlier, was able to get stuck in right away with varnishing.

Looking a bit worse for wear after the winter

Sweeping out from under benches

Not the pearly gates, but to heaven for some!

Turned out nice again!
Hard work but as the Lo'real  advert says "Cause your worth it"

Then it was on to the sailing ! 
Madam secretary putting her Wyeforce though its paces.

Then it was back to the clubhouse after tea, as it was the table top sale of the late Charlie Ricardo's boats and equipment.
His daughter was there to except any reasonable offer for boats and equipment. At the end of the night because a lot of people had rushed off home with their bargains, she asked me to convey her thanks for allowing her to come to the club, I assured her the pleasure was all our's as the members had got some good bargains and enjoyed the browsing over the tables of stuff for sale.
If you weren't there, you missed a good night.
We were given a large boat to sell at a later date and the proceeds to go to Club funds as a token of the families appreciation, will let you know the outcome at a later date.

So that was it for another good day at the club.


  1. The two of you have made an excellent job of the landing stage and I`m sure the members are suitably impressed even though they don`t actually express their delight in words.

    Keep up the good work!

    I`m pleased that Charlie`s stuff has gone to good homes!

  2. The water bailiff caught a bloke trying to steal one of the plants out of the top garden the other day, so keep your eyes open for a tight wad,cheap skate in the park. There's always one about isn't there.


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