Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Shere Khan and U33 at Etherow!.

At the lake yesterday it was nice and sunny, but there was quite a strong breeze and it was knocking down the "J" class yachts, so Trevor got out his superb "A" Class yacht which is my personal favourite in our club yachting scene.
Its called "Shere Khan" after the black panther in the Jungle Book. The hull is Carbon Fibre, it's about 6ft long and it has a keel weigh of about 30 lbs, so it needs someone with arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger to lift it in and out of the water, but when you see it sailing it must be worth every minute to Trevor.

Trevor has another one very similar in Blue, perhaps he should call that "Hernia" I would still be first in the queue if he were to have a mad moment and think of selling it.  
And here it is in motion!. 

I thought I'd put this country music tune to it, from the thousands that YouTube have to offer,
"If it Ain't broke don't mend" which I've always thought was good advice.
 (you can't use any tune, have to be aware of copy write's)

After the video, the wind calmed down a bit and the other sailors were Abell to get their boats on the water 
Your going very technical now Dave!.

Well that's all for to-day, 
you want more?, 
 Here you are then, 
Following on from the previous post with Alan Breese's Submarine U33, I said I might get a video of it at a later date, luckily he was there yesterday and here is the video I took.

We have two of these submarines in the club the other belonging to Chris Platford the Commodore, I'd previously thought it not worth videoing submarines, but Alan putting his through it's paces proved me wrong!.
Hope you enjoy these action scene for a change from static pictures.
That really is all for to-day.

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  1. A very interesting blog, Duckie
    The videos are a quality touch to the blog and I`m sure Captains Breese and Radford will be pleased to see them one day

    Perhaps a club nite demonstration of PC working may go down well, since most of the club members are not PC literate?

    Capt Bob


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