Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sir Lancelot At Etherow

A typical Tuesday sailing at Etherow model Boat Club!

You can sail 365 days a year as a member at Etherow, with beautiful surroundings, a nice Cafe, visitors centre and toilets!. The best days if you are visiting are Tuesday's, Thursday's and Sunday's.
This last Tuesday I was there with Pepe the hound and first view was this,

The favourite vessel's at the moment seem to be the "J" class yachts and very nice boats too.

Dave,Trevor,Donald,Colin and George.
You can see the facilities block in the background., toilets,Cafe and visitors centre.

That's the club house in the background there, with the yacht club advertising a raft race, but no dates yet!
Also there was one of our naval building enthusiasts Alan with his Mountfleet model,  Sir Lancelot.

A mine sweeper, which at the start of the war were converted fishing trawlers, my dad was on one based at Lowestoft on the East Coast.


and here is the boat in motion

Since the council have got rid of the wardens and put the job out to tender the new people running the park now ( SK Solutions) seem to be doing alright, (?? New broom and all that??) we will have to see!, but they are in the process of refurbishing the Visitors Centre as shown here

Going to be nice when finished, needed updating for a while now.

Back onto the boats, one of the members Michael Street has started his own cottage industry making connectors (U/J's)  for model boats as seen here.
Various sizes made to order

as shown in a boat.
Michael will make any size to order and I seem to remember he said £6 each!, if you are interested give him a call though the club directory or call me and I will fix you up with his number.
This will item will also go into the "For sale section " at the top of the page for future reference.

Did you also see the scooters in that section for sale,good bargain there!.

Well that's it for now folk's another great day at the lake!.

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