Thursday, 9 May 2013

Club night 8th May 2013

Last night's club night saw Dave Lee with his "J" Class yacht, giving a talk on the rigging and adjustments  required to get the best out of your yacht sailing.

And here is Dave's yacht "Blue Jay" and Charlie in the back ground hanging on every word!.
I think Dave deserves a thank you for his very interesting talk, he didn't get one last night as the usual compère was on holiday and it got missed in the general chatter afterwards, so I'm sure everyone who was there will join me in thanking you Dave for a very interesting talk!.

In case you missed some of the technical terms check out this.

And if you are not knowledge-abell with the inner working of R/C yacht controls check out this.
I personally found the most important bit was the tensioner to keep the lines round the steering winch taut and use one of those ponytail rings ladies wear in their hair.

There were a couple of newish members there with their builds looking for information and inspiration, it's a daunting task that first build isn't it and some manufacturers don't want to know once they have your money. still that's the beauty of joining a local club isn't it with the wealth of knowledge and experience avail-abell, I know these members went home a lot happier afterwards!.

This week Trevor was out with his brush and paint and gave the rescue boat a coat after it's repairs the previous week
Thanks for that Trevor, looks like new again!

The same day Alan was there again with his Submarine putting it though it's paces
Dry dock.



Didn't manage a video, perhaps next time I'm at the lake, though you wouldn't see much of the boat would you.
That's it for now folks
There's another "AZIZ" for sale in the "For sale" section check it out!.


  1. Well done, Dave!
    Btw.....That's a nice boat you've got there?

    Thanks for another interesting blog, Ducky


  2. I seem to remember that's one of your builds, Bob!.


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