Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Sunday 2013

Well in the previous post I did say that Pepe and I would be going to the Dog show but in the end decided that he isn't too happy with a load of other dogs round him!.
So it was off early to the lake to see the Raft Racing and just managed to get a place near the Cafe as everyone else was after a place near the main event on the big lake.
But there was no places up there, as you can see the spaces near the landing stage were all taken over by stalls of every description, the weather was great for a change as you can see in this shot. 
Whilst having the usual bacon buttie and coffee, noticed that some of our guys had got there earlier than me (I) and were already sailing on a beautifully sunlit lake.

One of the models on the day

And a guard dog was required with all the strangers around!.

On to the Raft Race.
Quite a lot of ladies in this event 

Look at the crowds here

"The George" pub has some nice advertising on this one

The BBQ going well in the back ground, if its not the Yacht club is in trouble

Didn't fight my way though these crowds so all my pix's taken with the zoom from our landing stage

Might as well get in on the advertising as well!.

And I always thought the Fire Brigade was into Heath and Safety!, not so for this vehicle parked across the path.
Hope this gives you a flavour of the event on the day, another nice day at the lake for those who braved the crowds, hopefully they had Long arms and Short pockets, for these two great charities,
The Christie Charity and the Fire Fighters Charity.
 The bar and BBQ where certainly doing a roaring trade when I left at 1-00Pm to go for my Sunday dinner to John's.
That's all for to-day folks, perhaps more to-morrow after my trip there again if its a nice day again, you can always do the housework when it's raining can't you!.

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