Friday, 3 May 2013

A typical Thursday at Etherow

The last post was a typical Tuesday, so I thought you should have a look at a typical Thursday at Etherow.
First here is the "Panart Anteo" Tug built by Andy Wagstaff.

Andy saw someone else's model in the club and decided that was his next build and what a good job he's made of it hey!.

Look at those brass parts shining in the sun, yes it was a lovely sunny day and we had a good crowd at the lake.

The next was another nice model, "Jenny B" a fishing boat by Alan Breese, same guy in the last post with the Minesweeper!. A nice detailed boat and very stable in the water.

The next video was of a Metcalfe Mouldings kit built by Eric Baker, who said it was his first build from this company, he kept saying he thought it needed a bit more ballast in the stern but I don't think so, sit's on the water just on the water line.
Has you can see it sails quite nicely as it is.
He also thought it  was going too fast, I said perhaps you could have used geared motors, there again it was the motors recommended by the company when he bought the kit, when he's got it on a decent tranny there might be a better response, it was on one of those cheap trannies with not much play in it, (full on or nothing!) that he'd used just to try it out on the day, 
My theory is if it's not broke don't mend it!.
Another nice build though!.

Dave Lee and Trevor Redford on the day got stuck in and made some repairs on the rescue boat that had some holes in the front though a bit of previous rough handling, perhaps a bit of ice breaking over the past hard winter??.
On the way Dave had bought the materials and then they both made the repairs before getting their models out, that's good of them and I'm sure you will all join me thanking them for their splendid efforts and skills in doing it.

They are going to paint it next, trouble is its got to be put away in the water when they go home, can you imagine leaving it out at night?.

The goose is still sat on her nest in the garden, nothing seems to faze her, even with Dave and Trevor's endeavour's just a few feet away, but as you can see from this picture some predator has already tried to get in to the nest.

 The two baby Coots a bit further up the lake are doing well 
This is mother showing them how to preen themselves.
Sounds of Punch and Judy.
"That's the way to do it"

 And a closer shot of the two babies, that's mother laying down on the left, it's a never ending job feeding those two babies I guess.

This Sunday it's Fiesta Racing don't forget, better than pounding up the motorway in the traffic!

Well that's all for to-day's post, must get out whilst the weather holds, and Bank Holiday must bring out more sailors this weekend.

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