Monday, 29 July 2013

Club 500 racing and Tug Anteo video

Over the weekend, I've had the internet connection go down and after a check-up I discovered that the wall socket was to blame, so it was a trip to B&Q to buy a new socket, only needed the front section really but never mind it got the house phone working again, but still not the internet!.
After further examination found the lights on the router box not working, so was it the box or the cable?, so on Sunday at Son John's for dinner we tried another cable and it worked!, so can only think it was the transformer plug on the end that had given up the ghost, so on returning home connected up again and my system was working again, its been hell without it and as people always say I talk with my hands you can imagine how I've felt!.
Still all's well now and  for a treat for you Andy Wagstaff sent me these two video's a couple of days ago of his boats with a remote camera fitted to them, the first to a Club 500 boat and at the end of the video it looks like John Goddard is driving it!.

Another of Andy's boat's taken on the big lake as the Club 500 racing was being held on our lake and no fishermen on the big lake

Thanks to Andy for sharing his video's with us!.
Another point of interest to look into is a project that our Bob Abell and another chap Paul T, on Model Boat magazine forum are doing, Paul T has designed a boat "Ellie" that will be Abell to have different superstructures on the same hull and when built to the required standard the plans will be Abell to be sold and the money to go to a charity.
Click here to take you to the website.

Well that's all for now folks and as it's thundering and lightening don't fancy getting another bolt up my socket, at least I'm back up and working again.

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