Monday, 22 July 2013

Colwyn Bay regatta, News at Ten, Duckie!.

What a wonderful day it turned out to be for the Colwyn Bay Mayors regatta!.
After setting off from home early in cloudy weather, it soon brightened up as we got into Cheshire and beyond. 
On arrival (after stopping at McDonalds on the way) we were met by old friend of our's and our club, Ray Benson who guided us to a nice parking spot, there was a Pop festival on at the park and they were trying to get £5 out of people to park!.
I'm glad to report that there were quite a few of our club members there with their wives as well enjoying the weather and the good company, Alan, Colin and Pam, Bob and Joyce, Charlie, Kean to mention a few as well as some of our newer members!.
Our Vice.

Ray did introduce me to a chap who had visited our Etherow venue that had had a non too nice experience whilst visiting, he said no one out of (four sailors)  was interested in speaking to him when he wanted to know about starting up in the hobby and perhaps joining the club, that was soon rectified as I made sure everyone of our members there introduced themselves to him and his family, bet he wished he'd never mentioned it, still can't let that kind of thing be passed round, gives the club a bad name doesn't it.
 I think every club has a few grumpy's don't they, and unfortunately this chap met all ours on the same day!.
On to the boats.
Still setting up

Colwyn Bay stand
Someone with my own taste in boats Narra Boat and Coaster 

Some new types of signage coming onto the scene, showing boats of their club members.

Can be used like this or indoors at shows.

Hoylake For sale section

The unusual.

Thai boat and Mine layer

Rigor Mortis


The highlight of the day for me was this sinking ship 

Finished up just the bows sticking up out of the water!, then popped up again, no doubt some type of submarine mechanism inside!.

But there again, I tell a lie that was the second highlight of the day, the main highlight was dinner at
"Le Campa Restaurant"

where Bob, Joyce, Charlie, Pepe and myself had a nice cooked meal and at a very reasonabell price, having to listen to each other nattering on and putting the world to rights!.
Nice one Joyce!.

Well thats all for now, hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did if you went and if you didn't manage to get there this might give you an idea of what you missed.
Can't wait for next year.

Nearly forgot here is another DO you might like to attend and take your good ladies to, its by the seaside again!.

Could be a another good DO!.
That's all folks.

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  1. An excellent report, Duckie and an excellent day too

    We had a splendid day with very pleasant company

    Looking forward to next year's show

    Bob and Joyce


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