Friday, 19 July 2013


"Yesterday" there was a song named that wasn't there?.
Well this post is about yesterday at the lake, scorching hot again but a slight breeze off the water!.
There was the usual Thursday crowd plus an extra ie a new chap Nigel who had brought his scratch built boat, which was a Vic Smeed plan of a Fairy Huntsman type.
His first launch on the water with it and a bit apprehensive as we all are at the first launch of a new build, but he needn't have worried as everything was fine and it was a good first sail.
Nigel is waiting for a chance to catch up with our roving Sec (who is on a cruise somewhere) so he can join the club, but like all good thing's Andy's trip will end and he will be back again with us soon.

Nice one, Nigel

Nigel on the left chatting with our Garth.

There was a good discussion afterwards with some of the lads on how to rectify the boat's rudder  mechanism hitting the rear of the boat inside and hopefully it was helpful to Nigel, that's what it's all about isn't it getting helpful advice from people with a bit more knowledge than yourself.

Jimmy and I tied back the roses that had got too big and started spreading on to the path, not a good idea roses with thorns in a narrow garden!. 

Then after a bit of lunch at the cafe with some of the lad's it was too hot for Pepe so it was off home to the garden and a cold beer under the veranda.
This coming Sunday 21st it's the Colwyn  Bay regatta 
and as we always get an invite hope to see some of you there, Good event, prizes and a great raffle, though like most club's the Auction has fell by the wayside this year, this event too good to miss, speaking from past experience.
See Events and shows Tab at the top.

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