Saturday, 5 October 2013

Message from Philp Laxton.

You may have had this in an email last week but just in case your details are not up to date here is the message again.

Hi all,
                On the 9th October,  we are having our yearly Auction at the sailing club hut.
We will be starting the auction at 8.00 pm.
If you have any models,  model boat parts or tools we will hopefully sell it for YOU.
Before the auction  register the item you have brought with us. If you want to put a reserve price on the item just let us know the reserve.
On the 23rd October, we are having our “ Hot pot supper and QUIZ.
Start time:- 8.00 pm
Teams of four.
Prizes for the winning team.
The Quiz,
First part questions are general knowledge and boat orientated, only 40 questions .
Second part of the quiz, Blockbuster questions from the t v program. 
Philip Laxton, club 500 secretary

Thanks for that Philip.

Here are a couple of pictures of Alan Breeze's Submarine at periscope depth, a bit rough if it was a real one!.

 Nice one Alan!.

Copy from the diary for October.
1000hrs  6th October        Sunday       Fiesta Racing         Landing stage
2000hrs  9th October      Wednesday  Auction Night       Clubhouse
(membership badges must be worn)
1500hrs  13th October      Sunday          Club 500 Racing   Landing stage
1100hrs  20th October     Sunday          Steering Comp     Landing stage
2000hrs  23rd October    Wednesday   (Quiz and Hot Pot)    Clubhouse

That's all for now folks!.

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