Monday, 2 December 2013

December Sunday 2013

This past Sunday saw Pepe and I at the lake again, where there was a selection of new boats on the bench, new to me that is!
There was a nice launch with an outboard motor being sailed by Robb and a nice model Stingray sailed by his mate, who I'm ashamed to say don't know his name, that will be rectified the next time I see him!.
There was also the Higham brother's there with Alan sailing one of his small fast boats and experimenting with different size batteries, they were all very fast and I didn't see a lot of difference in the changes really, but there again I was more interested with the videoing of the boats.
Here is the finished video for your viewing.

As you can see on the video there are lots of leaves about on the water and as my good friend Bob the Builder said mention to the newer members not to reverse too much in the leaves as they can spin your props off if jammed up, good advice guys, I know I'd done it myself in the past especially with Kort nozzles!.

Well Christmas is nearly upon us again and everywhere is looking very festive and tomorrow its our club Christmas Dinner again but with a change of venue this year, so I hope to see you all there, well the one's that are going, if everyone was there I don't think the club would all fit in the place!,

Perhaps this is the band for the night?.

What it's all about really.

Well that's it again, hope to see some of you there tomorrow and perhaps your new years resolution could be to send me some pictures and write up's of your favourite boats. 
2000hrs  11th December    Wednesday  Club night           Clubhouse  AGM

Thursday   1100hrs     27th December, Frostbite Day Sail.

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