Friday, 6 December 2013

Members visiting Buxton, 2013

I got this email from Bob Abell our roving reporter the other day. 

Bob Abell.

I was idly browsing through the model boat pages on YouTube, yesterday, when I came across a familiar looking model
I looked and looked again and realised it was a model that I had made, a few years ago of Sandy Cousins Britannia!
I looked again and spotted Steve Bradbury, the chap I had sold it to
The main reason for this posting, is to highlight the professional manner in which the video was shot!
The waterline film must have been shot from a floating camera, skilfully controlled
Note the sharp focussing and camera control.........Very unusual and interesting
The music is also very fitting......Congrats to the cameraman, much appreciated
Well done Steve

Nice to see our members getting around to other clubs in the area, nice one Steve and thanks for bringing this great video to our attention Bob!.

Peter (Duckie)

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