Monday, 31 March 2014

Fathers Day on Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday 30th March 2014.
It was a nice sunny day at the lake and there were quite a few fathers sailing on the day, there was even a light wind to please the yachtsmen later in the day, hope the members remembered what day is was or there would be trouble when they got home.
The video was taken about 11-00am and the first one was Rob Gibb's new lifeboat and there was the champers ready to launch  her on her first sail to the new owner, though he hadn't used Tank type steering before Rob was taking it a bit easy on the speed, but it still looked impressive on the water.
Then it was the turn of Mr Secretary, Andy with his Model Slipway, Kawkab Class Fast patrol boat, he was telling me that the figure on the boat was one he found that used to belong to his son, who has now grown up and is serving in the Army himself and done two tours in Afghanistan, where does the time go and don't they soon grow up and have families of their own.
Last but not least a nice little fishing boat, ideal for the older member who finds it hard to lift the bigger heavier boats in and out of the water, we would all like to have bigger and better boats!, but there again its best to be prudent isn't it and know your limitations.
Here is the video!.

Another nice day in the beautiful setting of our club's venue, I don't think some people realise how lucky we are to have such a nice location to sail in and have a ready made audience to admire your efforts.

Thats all for now, see you down at the lake again.

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