Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bob Abell News At Ten, Harrogate.

The Harrogate show was very spectacular! It covered three halls and catered mainly for the Iron Fighters!
I`ve made a few locos and engines in my far off days and being a one time engineer, the show was especially interesting.
Met a few chaps from Bury and Colwyn bay clubs, which was nice to see a few familiar faces among the masses
The problem with big exhibitions for those getting on in years is the walking about! After two or three hours, one`s legs begin to feel the strain and there were very few seats about. So next time, I`ll be taking the folding seat apparatus!
There were lots of model boats about.......and planes.....and lorries.......locos.......miscellaneous for sale etc......In fact, too much to take in at one go!
Silly me went with a shopping list and forgot all about it! Managed to buy a few handy tools and brass bar
Talking of models for sale, I spotted a few large lovely traction engines, priced between £24,000 to £32,000!.....Goodness knows what the 12" gauge locos cost!

£32000 Traction engine.

Noticed the cost of loco parts were unbelieveably expensive....a set of plans.....£100!.......and we think a ship plan at £12.00 is dear! A set of wheel castings.....£200! Small simple loco kits......£1500!
So let`s get back to reality.....the boats!
Visited the Tyneside club stand and I knew Alex Thompson was a member. Unfortuneately, he wasn`t there, but some of his boats were on show. Alex designed the famous Jeanie Deans model, which I have made, plus a few dozen more and has a few "Nom de plumes" to his name. He has a good sense of humour.

King George the V

 Also had a word with Arthur Barlow, a big noise in the Lifeboat brigade. He was at our LB Show last year and is a frequent visitor to Colwyn bay club.
Arthur has built a perfect lifeboat replica of the Llandudno lifeboat from original plans. For the very fine detail, he measured the full size craft. He showed me his sketches, he even measured the tool box and contents! Some of the screws he used, were as fine as 16BA! Alas!....that`s not my cup of tea!

Llandudno Lifeboat

On the cart stand

Bentley car engine

Glen Rosa

Miniature of a Miniature 

The big stuff

Wheelwright Diorama 

All in all, the best show I`ve been to, in years!
Many thanks to Mike for organising the trip.
The next trip out, is the Woodvale show in August......and I`ll be taking my folding bicycle!

Bob Abell

And many thanks to you Bob, for such a great report, after seeing this I'll bet there are some out there wishing they had gone now, still this report is the next best thing!

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